Whole Life Pet Life Bites

Whole Life Pet will launch LifeBites, a full line of complete and balanced freeze-dried foods for dogs and cats. First orders will ship to stores April 1, 2016.

The expansion into food represents the company’s ongoing focus on innovation in the fast-growing freeze-dried pet products category. It also allows the company to expand beyond the treat aisle and strengthen its relationship with the 2,500 small independent pet specialty stores selling Whole Life treats.

LifeBites will be the first freeze-dried food to be made to human-grade standards. Like all of its products, it will be produced in Whole Life’s own FDA-inspected manufacturing facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA. It will have the same “verified safety” protocol where each batch is tested for harmful bacteria and held in quarantine until an independent outside lab verifies its safety. The line will include a chicken, salmon and duck formula for dogs and cats.

The food can be used as a complete and balanced meal or as a meal mixer combined with any dry food. LifeBites has an added health benefit of supporting healthy digestion with pumpkin and Greek yogurt, which contains live active probiotic cultures.

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