Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treat

Emma Lous Homemade Kitchen Chicken Jerky Treat

Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen has introduced its first treat to its product line, the Chicken Jerky Treat.

ELHK is committed to being a brand that dog owners can trust when it comes to their dog’s food. Just like all of their existing products, their new jerky treats meet are made from high quality meat. The only ingredient in their new treat is chicken. It is preserved only through the drying process and refrigeration and has no added preservatives.

Chicken Jerky Treats from ELHK are part of a nutritionally balanced diet. They are a rich source of protein that dogs crave. They come in a 6 oz. eco-friendly, vacuum sealed pouch, making them good for dogs, easy to order and environmentally sound.

ELHK’s Chicken Jerky Treats are designed for dog owners who believe that good nutrition is fundamental for a long and healthy life. They have been created with a dog’s specific needs in mind, using nourishing human-grade chicken to promote overall well-being.