Prins Vital Care Cat Food

Prins introduces a new line of cat foods, Prins VitalCare Protection. Cats of all ages will love the 100% natural crunchy bites of cat food with special ingredients that help prevent health issues and support overall good health. This line contains the first variety of Prins dry cat food that is completely grain free.

Cats today face a very different environment than they did in the past. Living exclusively indoors or sharing space with a large number of felines, all sorts of modern challenges can adversely affect their health. One cat may face weight problems while another may have issues with its skin, fur, joints, bladder or digestive system. And cats are living much longer these days too. All of these modern challenges demand specially formulated diets.

VitalCare Protection is cat food with a boost. It has a little something extra to achieve and maintain a healthy balance in the feline body. A unique addition to the formula is Schüssler cell salts, combinations of minerals that promote the healthy function of the body’s cells. Each VitalCare Protection variety has its own specific combination of minerals. VitalCare Protection also includes herbs, specially selected for Prins, to ensure that the Schüssler salts will have the optimum effect.

VitalCare Protection includes prebiotics and high quality dietary fiber for healthy intestinal flora. To provide extra support and help ensure that cats can have the best life possible, our formulas also include vitamin E and C, taurine, L-carnitine and beta glucans. Cats may be fussy eaters, but the krill, fresh chicken and salmon is a taste treat no cat can resist. And, just as with all Prins pet foods, VitalCare Protection contains no artificial colors, flavors or aromas and is a no-animal-testing product. 

From kitten to senior

The new Prins VitalCare Protection line comprises six varieties, with a meal made to order for each age and lifestyle:

  • Kitten
  • Adult Fit
  • Maxi Deluxe
  • Sensible Grain Free
  • Indoor
  • Senior
  • Grain-Free
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