Solid Gold Superfoods dog treats blend high-quality meat and superfoods to deliver a nutritious dog treat. Featuring five nutritious superfoods in each recipe (pumpkin, lentils, parsley, sunflower oil and kelp), these new grain- and gluten-free treats are formulated with ingredients that deliver a rich, meaty texture and flavorful aroma.

The Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats come in two sizes: a 2-oz. on-the-go pack (SRP: US$4.49) and a large 6-oz. bag (SRP: US$8.99).

Available flavors:

  • Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cinnamon
  • Chicken, Berries & Ginger
  • Chicken, Coconut & Vanilla
  • Beef, Mango & Turmeric

For smaller dogs, Solid Gold is also launching a Toy & Small Breed Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats in a 4-oz. bag (SRP: US$6.99).

Available flavors:

  • Chicken, Cranberry & Chamomile
  • Chicken, Chia Seed & Coconut Milk
  • Pork, Pineapple & Thyme
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