Caru Pet Food offers a line of cat stews. These stews for cats come in four flavors – Chicken, Chicken with Crab, Turkey, and Wild Salmon & Turkey. The cat stews are offered in addition to Caru’s two dog stew lines, classic and daily dish.  

These diets are meant to be served to cats in every life stage. Like Caru’s dog stews, the cat stews are American-made in a human grade facility using human grade ingredients sourced in the US. 

All of Caru’s stews for cats and dogs, as well as their bone broths, come in Tetra Pak cartons. This BPA-free sustainable packaging keeps stews fresh without preservatives. The Tetra Pak carton is made from up to 70 percent renewable materials that are post-consumer recyclable. Once opened, the stews can be served and refrigerated for up to three days in the Tetra Pak carton.


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