Pureluxe Pet Foods Elite Dog Food Formulas


Pureluxe Pet Foods Elite offers its dog food formulas in six recipes:

  • The elite adult turkey dog formula is a nutritionally satisfying diet for adult dogs. 
  • The elite adult lamb and chickpeas dog formula is for dogs that have sensitivities to specific proteins or glutens. This hypo-allergenic formula is for dogs who do well on a lamb based diet, but cannot intake chicken, beef, wheat, soy or corn.
  • The elite adult salmon and split peas formula is an alternative to chicken, beef or lamb based diets. 
  • The elite healthy weight with turkey, salmon and lentils formula is a calorie-focused formula designed for senior, less active or overweight dogs.
  • The elite small breed dog formula also offered with mini kibble, is made with turkey, split peas and salmon and is geared for the specific needs of dogs with smaller frames than medium or large sized dogs.
  • The elite healthy activity dog formula is for puppies, highly active dogs and show dogs. It contains a mix of higher protein and specially blended fats.
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