Pureluxe Pet Foods Elite Cat Food


Pureluxe offers the Elite Cat Food line of cat food formulas featuring higher levels of taurine, cranberries and coconut oil than Pureluxe dog food formulas to support hairballs, skin/coat, stool and urinary tract infections.

The first of Pureluxe’s five cat diets is the elite adult cat formula. Made with turkey, it is designed for all breeds, indoor and outdoor. The elite finicky cat formula food uses chicken to create a high protein formula for picky eaters. The elite healthy weight formula uses a recipe of turkey, turkey meal and salmon for cats that are not very active, getting older or overweight. The elite indoor cat formula is designed for all breeds and sizes that remain indoors, making it ideal for multiple-cat households. Pureluxe also makes a specially formulated cat food for kittens made with chicken, chickpeas and salmon.