Longevity Active Vitality Bundle dog food

The Active Vitality Bundle, from Longevity Raw Pet Foods, is a line of pet food made for younger or more active dogs. The different recipes are rich sources of proteins and fats for growth and exercise, with a complete balance of vitamins and minerals. Flavors available include Nourishing Beef and Natural Duck.

Natural Duck is a choice for pets who may be allergic or sensitive to other proteins. Duck is a cooling food and is optimal for pets with an overabundance of yang energy (allergies/inflammation/aggression). 

Nourishing Beef is rich in omega fatty acids. The beef is from grass-fed, grass-finished cows, locally pastured in the Northeast. The seasonal vegetables are organic and are sourced from area farms for the highest nutritional quality. Beef is a neutral food and is nourishing and beneficial for a wide range of pets.


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