Full Moon Pet Freshly Crafted frozen meals

Full Moon Pet Freshly Crafted

Full Moon Pet Freshly Crafted comes frozen and is made using 100% human-grade ingredients like real chicken breast, rosemary and blueberries. The Freshly Crafted recipes include Homestead Turkey, Ranch-Raised Beef and Free-Range Chicken – all of which contain no grains or fillers and help deliver wholesome food that feels homecooked. The meals are made in the USA, slow cooked in small batches to preserve nutrient density, and flash frozen to preserve freshness and quality. The frozen format requires no prep, utensils or clean up with the option to easily scoop or pour directly from the bag to serve. Suitable as a topper to boost both nutrient profile and taste or as a full meal, Full Moon Freshly Crafted: Promotes skin and coat health through omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil in specially curated liver bites; Supports immune health with antioxidants in vibrant ingredients like blueberries and sweet potato; and encourages muscle growth and development powered by essential complete amino acids uniquely derived from real meat, and not found in pea protein.