Flint River Ranch Essential Greens supplement


Flint River Ranch offers the Essential Greens supplement for pets. The product was formulated using the "essence" of Flint River Ranch's dry water formula to make a health and vitality supplement which tastes great (has dehydrated chicken liver), aids in digestion, helps reduce tartar build up and freshens breath, helps improve skin and coat, boosts the immune system and may help reduce signs of allergies, and increases energy and vitality, according to the company. The supplement contains: Alfalfa leaf, Atlantic sea kelp, barley grass, blue/green algae, borage seed oil, burdock root, chia seed chlorella, diatomaceous earth (rare earth blend), dried berries (cranberry and blueberry), green peas, green tea extract, tnulin from chicory root, L-carnatine, marine algae, organic zinc supplement, pineapple stem, rice bran, spirulina, taurine and wheat grass. Essential Greens can be added to any Flint River Ranch formula (or any food) as a food topper and supplement.

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