Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet


Nature’s Variety offers\nInstinct Limited Ingredient Diet with Raw Boost kibble for dogs and cats with\nfood sensitivities. A Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) uses a restricted or\nlimited number of the most essential, nutrient-rich, easily digestible\ningredients to address the needs of pets who thrive on a pure and simple diet.\nThe LID with Raw Boost kibble formula adds freeze-dried raw lamb for dogs and\nturkey for cats. The ingredients are easily digestible and deliver balanced\ngrain-free and gluten-free nutrition. It also includes Omega-3 and Omega-6\nfatty acids for skin and coat health and a unique green tea extract coating on\nthe kibble for great taste and aroma. ", "Nature's Variety says its Instinct Raw Daily Boost\npowder is a raw protein-based supplement that allows pet owners to provide\ntheir pet with the benefits of a raw diet at any mealtime. Designed for\nboth dogs and cats as a daily mealtime supplement, the freeze-dried raw\npowder can be mixed with kibble or canned food to increase the petfood's\npalatability.