SafetyChain Software Data Analytics

SafetyChain Analytics

SafetyChain Software has released SafetyChain Analytics, a tool that transforms food safety and quality records into real-time data intelligence to improve everyday decision making, operational performance, and the bottom line. This data analytics tool is designed to turn everyday food safety and quality data into meaningful business intelligence.

SafetyChain Analytics extends the value of SafetyChain’s solutions with 24/7 on-demand access to food safety and quality data intelligence, including trending, supplier performance and food safety and quality tasks across multiple locations. Providing live operational monitoring of exception-based trending and process control (SPC) including holistic view of food safety and quality data, the tool also allows companies to share reports and charts with key stakeholders, auditors, and inspectors via robust dashboards, reports, filtering, and drill-down capabilities.

Food and beverage companies face many challenges, from ensuring compliance to risk reduction, supply chain transparency, and operating margins in a highly competitive industry. SafetyChain’s solutions are designed to help the industry manage these challenges and achieve better operating results. SafetyChain Analytics enables companies to harness compliance data to drive operational excellence. The availability of real-time data intelligence not only enables companies to stay compliant with complex customer, regulatory (USDA, FDA FSMA), and non-regulatory standards (GFSI), but it also provides live performance visibility to drive better decision making, real-time corrective actions, trending of operational and quality KPIs.

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