My Perfect Pet Tasty Turkey Blends


My Perfect Pet Food has announced the arrival of two new additions to their line of gently cooked, frozen meals for pets. Featuring gently cooked boneless, skinless turkey as the first ingredient with a medley of fresh, raw vegetables and cranberries, Toby’s Turkey Carnivore Grain Free Blend is specially formulated for finicky kittens and cats. For adult dogs with special dietary needs, My Perfect Pet has introduced their new Low Glycemic Turkey Grain Free Blend.

Like the rest of the My Perfect Pet blends, these new recipes are prepared with 100 percent certified restaurant grade ingredients in the company’s own kitchen. Select cuts of meat, fish or poultry are gently cooked to enhance the aroma and flavor, while preserving their nutritional value. They’re carefully blended with raw, whole foods like kale, broccoli, yams and cranberries. Each batch is then packed into convenient, individually wrapped bars. For even stronger point-of-sale appeal, the entire line will be packaged in the newly redesigned bags in the months ahead.

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