B&B Packaging Stretchpacker SBP 6-75

Company Overview

B&B Packaging offers a Stretchpacker SBP 6-75. All main machine movements of the Stretchpacker SBP 6-75 are servo driven. The product is stacked flat lying and guided from all sides. A bag equalizing and air deventillation conveyor are available as an option. Film unwinds linear in front of the machine with a maximum diameter of 400 mm. The machine offers stretch packaging using servo aggregates. Thus, no shrink tunnel is necessary.

The product can amount to film savings up to 50 percent and lower power consumption even with the criss-cross banderole application. On request, shrinking of the lateral film overlaps using hot air to create low temperature influence on the product.

This machine offers fully automatic criss- cross banderole packaging. In lying position, the VFFS pillow bags are passed to the in-feed conveyor of the machine. The in-feed conveyor transports the products into the stacker where they are stacked in several layers according to the program. Multiple formations are prepared simultaneously. Ready stacked products are pushed out of the stacker into the lateral stack transport system. This lateral transport unit pushes the stack in front of the main in-feed pusher that stretches the product into the first film banderole. From there, the formation is transported to the second in-feed pusher that produces a second film banderole under 90° to the first one. This packaging is called criss-cross banderole. The second banderole is applied with a higher stretch rate to make the pack evenly square for palletizing. Then the bundle is transported to the palletizer.

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