Parsons-Eagle Junapack Rotary Fill/Seal Premade Pouch Machine

Company Overview

Parsons-Eagle Junapack rotary fill/seal premade pouch machines are available for medium speed packaging of a range of products including pet food and treats up to 50 pouches per minute (Simplex).

The Junapack rotary pouch machines are built with a captured cam drive system which allows for operation at higher speeds as well as low maintenance.

The patented “no jam” pouch feeder delivers the pouches in upright position to the pouch grippers. The gripper springs are protected from product spill and cleaning chemicals. The mechanical linear actuators that open and close the grippers are designed to exert less stress on the gripper group and extend the life of the gripper mechanisms. Final sealing of the pouch is made via a mechanical cam drive motion that will apply consistent pressure and produce top seals. Pouch size changeover is a 5-10 minute operation via a color touchscreen interface. Machines can handle wet and dry pet food products. Available options include product settlers, gas flush capabilities, pouch code date printers and Duplex designs for higher filling speeds up to 90 pouches per minute.

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