Mondi Hybrid Pro bag

Company Overview

The Mondi Hybrid Pro bag offers the advantages of a plastic bag, yet fillable on conventional paper-bag filling systems. Hybrid Pro has an outer ply made of HDPE film and an inner paper ply made of Mondi Advantage ONE sack kraft paper.ย The outer ply forms a barrier against rain, moisture and dust, giving the bag an attractive, modern appearance, which is an important factor in many markets. Moreover, the plies can be easily separated and recycled. A patent for the bag has been granted.

The bag is particularly suitable for building materials, such as cement and gypsum, as well as other moisture-sensitive products. It can be filled at temperatures of up to 90 C (194 F). Its impressive performance outdoors makes the bag user-friendly, with benefits when it comes to streamlining the supply chain: Thanks to longer shelf life, order sizes can be larger, which can help reduce shipping costs.


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