Presto ECOA LiftStik PLS67-285 lifter transporter

Company Overview

The LiftStik PLS67-285 from Presto ECOA Lifts is a versatile 4-wheel lifter transporter made of strong, durable, impact-resistant aluminum. Compact, extremely maneuverable and rated for an impressive 285 lb. lifting capacity, it is ideal for lifting and transporting items in a wide range of industrial, retail, laboratory, food processing, pharmaceutical and office environments. Loads are evenly distributed over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors. An adjustable width base can be set as narrow as 20” for use in tight quarters or as wide as 28” to provide extra stability for wider loads. A foot actuated rear caster lock keeps the unit from moving during loading, unloading or when used as a variable height worksurface.

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