Bocce's Bakery Dailies supplemental dog treats

Bocce's Bakery Dailies Supplemental Dog Treats

Bocce's Bakery Dailies are supplemental soft and chewy dog treats that provide specific wellness support. The flavors include Brushy Bites, baked with mint for fresh breath to support daily dental wellness with a crisp apple flavor; Good Hair, rich in omega-3s and flaxseed to promote healthy skin and coat with a tasty salmon flavor; Super Shield, packed with anti-inflammatory turmeric and healthy immune-boosting probiotics in a peanut butter and sweet honey flavor to support a healthy immune system; Bye Bye Stinkies, loaded with fiber-rich pumpkin, savory ginger and charcoal to support daily digestion with every treat; and Sweet Dreams, soothing chamomile and honey for sweet dreams in a luscious banana and honey recipe. Each flavor is made with 100% real ingredients and is available in 6 ounce bags.

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