New pet foods spring 2022: treats, functional, cats, CBD

In the first three months of 2022, various new consumables for dogs and cats appeared on the market.

Today’s pet food packaging strives to communicate benefits to potential customers as clearly as possible. | (Photo by Andrea Gantz | WATT Global Media)
Today’s pet food packaging strives to communicate benefits to potential customers as clearly as possible. | (Photo by Andrea Gantz | WATT Global Media)

In the first three months of 2022, various new consumables for dogs and cats appeared on the market. More than 30 new dog, cat and other pet foods, treats and supplements were posted in Petfood Industry’s Pet Food Product Database in the first quarter of 2022. Among those new products, treats were common, many with functional ingredient claims. Cat foods also accounted for several of the new products, perhaps meeting a pent-up demand for cat foods, which David Sprinkle, director of pet market research for Packaged Facts, discussed in his Dec. 2019 Petfood Industry column. Numerous new dog and cat products included cannabidiol (CBD), especially supplements.

New products in spring 2022

  1. NutriSource Come-pooch-a, inspired by kombucha, is a bone broth topper packed with activated postbiotics from fermentation product, supporting hydration and digestion in dogs. Come-pooch-a can also soften kibble when it’s difficult to eat and offer additional hydration support when added to a water dish. The topper is offered in three flavors: turkey, beef and chicken.  
  2. Bully Max Puppy Chews for Immunity and Growth are safe for puppies seven weeks and older, as well as pregnant or nursing dogs. The puppy chews are made with all-natural ingredients and a fit for all dog breeds on all diets. Each serving contains a healthy dose of Colostrum, the high-protein component in mother’s milk that helps stimulate the growth of a puppy’s muscles and immune system. Added probiotics help to optimize a puppy’s gut health, promoting beneficial bacteria and improving a puppy’s ability to absorb nutrients from their food.
  3. Doggy Delirious treats are made with human grade, all-natural ingredients with no corn, wheat, soy or preservatives. The crunchy biscuits are available in five flavors: Peanut Butter-Licious (also available as grain-free), Perfectly Pumpkin, Harvest Sweet Potato and Smoked Turkey & Apple. 
  4. The LIX Large Breed Formula CBD offers a high milligram product with a 2500 milligram ELIXIR, 40 milligram per BITE soft chew, and larger 3 oz. container of HEALER, a scent-free healing salve. The odorless, broad-spectrum CBD products are made to be organic, all-natural and with limited ingredients.
  5. I and love and you XOXOs wet cat food line recipes are made with sustainably sourced meats such as cage-free chicken and wild-caught tuna as the first ingredient. The line features a selection of four cat food pâtĂ©s and two stews. The stew recipes include Chicken & Tuna and Tuna & Egg flavors, while the pâtĂ© recipes include Salmon & Tuna, Chicken & Tuna, Beef & Chicken and Whitefish & Tuna flavors. 
  6. The I and love and you feed meow pouches are made with functional ingredients such as healthy fiber sources, vitamins and antioxidants, offering benefits including overall health and vitality, healthy digestion and shiny, healthy skin and coat. Coated with gravy and made with wholesome and real ingredients such as wild-caught tuna, Omega-rich Salmon and cage-free chicken. Feed Meow is suitable for all ages, sizes and breeds. 
  7. The Petaluma Sweet Potato Jerky is a plant-based alternative to meat chews. The chews contain minerals like potassium, calcium and iron that support cognitive health, bone growth, energy production and more. Also containing fiber, an ingredient for healthy digestion and maintaining a healthy weight that prevents blood-sugar levels from spiking and feeds healthy gut bacteria. The single-ingredient chews are free from sugar, salt and preservatives. 
  8. Reggie daily dog supplements come in four different formulas: Morning Multivitamin, Morning Hip + Joint, Evening Skin + Coat and Anytime Calming. The Morning Multivitamin provides nutrients for enhanced health, vitality and daily performance. The Morning Hip + Joint formula is designed to increase mobility, function, flexibility and improve joint comfort. Reggie's Evening Skin + Coat chews provide omgea-3 oils for itch relief, a shiny skin and coat, as well as heart and joint health. The Anytime Calming chews reduce stress and anxiety. 
  9. Dog-O’s Bacon Cheesy Chompers are made with real, premium bacon. The chews are all-natural, 100% cheese and contain no grain, gluten or artificial colors. Also included in the chews are protein and beneficial nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids and B-complex vitamins. 
  10. Bocce's Bakery soft and chewy cat treats are made with all-natural, limited ingredients. The heart-shaped bites contain 1 calorie per treat with no by-product, meal or salt. With protein as the first ingredient, Bocce's Bakery cat treats come in five different recipes: Sushi Sushi (salmon & seaweed), Fishy Fishy (whitefish & carrots), Moooo Moooo (beef & cheddar), Chikn Chikn (chicken & sweet potato) and Catnip Munch (chicken & catnip).
  11. MyPup slushy dog treats are made with human grade, grain-free and dairy-free ingredients. The MyPup slushy dog treats come in three flavors; Chicken, Peanut Butter and Beef. 
  12. The Made by Nacho Bone Broth Toppers are grain-free and available in three flavors: Chicken, Turkey and Beef. Featuring responsibly-sourced protein and probiotics for healthy digestion. 
  13. Puppington PupSnax Calming Chews are a crunchy supplement formulated to soothe and relax your dog. With ingredients including adaptogenic ashwagandha, amur cork bark, apple sauce and oat flour, PupSnax are ideal to help ease a dog’s stress before fearful situations, including but not limited to car rides, thunderstorms or separation.
  14. Raised Right Pets Paté Recipes for Cats is formulated with whole foods and includes two varieties: Turkey and Pumpkin and Chicken and Pumpkin. Both foods contain pumpkin, spearmint, cod liver oil, eggshell powder, flaxseed oil, dried kelp, taurine and thiamine mononitrate.
  15. The Wag More Bark Less Sandwich Cookies are a classic baked cookie that features a creamy filling made with real peanut butter, sandwiched between two crispy pinwheel biscuits. Baked in the USA, these cookies contain a limited number of simple ingredients, all human-grade quality, so they can be enjoyed by people and pups alike.
  16. The Mb Eats freeze-dried meals are made for dogs of all life stages, with whole meat and loaded with superfoods. The meals come in three different flavors Glow Up, Muscle Up and Boost Up. The Glow Up turkey meal is formulated to promote a healthy skin and coat. The Boost Up duck meal is formulated to boost energy and improve digestion. The Muscle Up beef meal is formulated to improve digestion, immunity and increase energy.
  17. The Wellness Pet Food CORE digestive health plant-based kibble is specially designed for adult dogs of all age. This highly-digestive, meatless kibble is crafted with digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibers and probiotics to support digestive health. 
  18. Bully Max instant fresh formula is an all-natural raw diet alternative and made for all dog breeds of all ages. Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food is a shelf-stable, just-add-water, instantly fresh wet food and provides the same benefits of a natural raw diet, but with the essential vitamins, minerals and the ability to stay fresh longer.
  19. The Wellness Pet Food CORE bowl boosters immune health toppers help support a healthy immune system. The toppers are formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients like cranberries, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes and kelp, as well as zinc and vitamin E, to help dogs stay healthy and active in the long term. 
  20. LIQ - Lickable Dog Treats are made with natural ingredients and contains a low amount of calories. Six licks equals about 1 calorie. This lickable treat can be used for training, freshening breath, grooming sessions or just because. The treats come in four different flavors: mixed berries, vanilla mint, green apple and peanut butter banana. 
  21. Krunch - Crunchable Air Crisps are made with a crispy texture and crunch using a air-pop technology. The treats are low in fat, made with ancient grains and gut healthy root vegetables. These meat-free treats are good for dogs with allergies, protein sensitivities or on special diets. 
  22. Caru Pet Food homestyle stews and Classics bone broths are now infused with Marine Microalgae Oil. This non-fishy tasting oil, which is obtained from a sustainable, non-GMO algae strain, is naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The stews are made with high quality protein from whole muscle poultry, fish and meat. 
  23. BLUE Tastefuls Savory Singles & Spoonless Singles are easy-to-serve meals that come with a built-in chopper that lets cat parents slice and dice the meal. The tastefuls Singles come in two types with real meat as the first ingredient: BLUE Tastefuls Spoonless Singles, Silky-Smooth Patés (Chicken, Salmon, Whitefish & Tuna, Turkey, Beef) and BLUE Tastefuls Savory Singles, Cuts in Gravy (Chicken, Salmon, Tuna, Turkey). Containing no chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial flavors and preservatives.
  24. Jiminy's Nooch Puffs treats are made with simple, natural ingredients including cornmeal, lentil, fava bean, rice flour, crickets, sunflower oil and "Nooch", or nutritional yeast. Nooch gives these treats a "cheesy" taste, while the combination of ingredients creates a healthy, low-calorie, human-grade snack option. Available in 4.2 oz bags. 
  25. Mr Bug, Bug Bites nutrient-dense range of wheat-free, bug-based treats made with mealworm. The treats come in four different recipes: The Nutty One - Mealworms PLUS Peanut Butter & Turmeric; The Fruity One - Mealworms PLUS Honey, Cranberries & Apple; The Veggie One - Mealworms PLUS Sweet Potato, Carrot & Parsnips and The Cheesy One- Mealworms PLUS Vegetarian Cheese & Beetroot. 
  26. Wag Tantrum is an all-organic, human grade dog food made in small batches and sent right to your door, packaged with dry ice. Wag Tantrum's locally sourced, all-natural products can help support joint health, healthy skin, coats and improve energy levels in dogs. Available in a beef or chicken flavor. 
  27. Midwestern Pet Foods Ultimates grain-free food for dogs and puppies is made with quality meat proteins, fruits and vegetables. These antioxidant-rich diets are made with no corn, wheat or soy. Ultimates grain-free recipes include three adult recipes and one all life stages recipe. 
  28. YUP PUP CBD treats help to relive joint pain, reduce anxiety and ease digestion. Five milligrams of CBD per treat, with 10 servings per pack. YUP PUP treats come in three different flavors: Savory Salmon, Tasty Bacon and Peanut Butter. 
  29. Jiminy's Cravin' Cricket Entrée wet food entrée serves as a full meal or can be used as a meal topper to entice dogs that are picky eaters. Made with whole-food ingredients such as carrots, green beans, garbanzo beans, pumpkin and crickets, the Cravin' Cricket Entrée is cooked fresh at low temperatures and high pressure to protect nutritional value and lock in the taste dogs love. Packaged in recyclable Tetra Pak packaging, this wet food has a 2-year shelf life and is made ready to serve.
  30. Jiminy's Good Grub Entrée is made as a complete and balanced meal for dogs. This wet food entrée is made with carrots, green beans, sweet potato, flaxseed, pumpkin and insect protein (BSFL), for dogs who have allergies or food sensitivities. This entrée is cooked fresh with whole-food ingredients at low heat and high pressure, which protects both the nutritional value and great taste of this healthy meal. Packaged in recyclable Tetra Pak packaging, this wet food has a 2-year shelf life and is made ready to serve.
  31. Earth Animal Dr. Bob Goldstein's Catfish WISDOM dog food offers optimal nutrition found in the GAP-certified Chicken and Turkey flavors. Catfish WISDOM includes sustainable marine microalgae with twice the concentration of Omega-3s than fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy heart, joints, skin & coat and brain function.
  32. Halo Elevate dog food is available in either a healthy grains or grain-free recipe. The dry food is available in four different flavorings: chicken, lamb, red meat and salmon. The wet food is available in a variety of chicken, beef and salmon stew options.


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