DoggyRade and KittyRade Isotonic Drinks

Doggy Rade Kitty Rade

DoggyRade and KittyRade, a low-calorie rehydration drinks for pets. 

DoggyRade is an energy boosting beverage that helps to replenish electrolytes dogs may lose after being active whether they are exercising or working. DoggyRade also contains prebiotics to help with digestion and nutrient absorption but comes in a savory chicken flavor.

KittyRade is an isotonic drink for cats that helps to address the hydration issues that occur with them. KittyRade, in a chicken flavor, encourages proper fluid intake and hydration in cats. KittyRade contains glutamic acid, an amino acid that is beneficial for intestinal function. It also contains an essential amino acid for cats, taurine, which promotes and is beneficial for eye health and heart health. 

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