Key Asian markets warm up to gut health pet products

The interest in probiotics and many other pet gut health products is on the rise.

(Stephan Kapl, Fotolia)
(Stephan Kapl, Fotolia)

Better health comes as every person's New Year's default goal and the same true is for pets, particularly in key Asian countries where interest in pet's gut health is on the rise. 

Irish company Tonisity International Limited started 2023 with news that the General Administration of Customs in the People’s Republic of China (GACC) has approved their application to import their line of health supplement drinks for dogs and cats.

Tonisity is an animal health science and nutrition company that makes the world's first isotonic, prebiotic drink products that are very palatable for dogs and cats. They have four products: DoggyRade (a prebiotic isotonic with electrolytes), KittyRade (a prebiotic isotonic with essential amino acids and electrolytes), DoggyRade Pro (a non-prescription prebiotic isotonic rehydration drink) and YummyRade (a low fat and low-calorie sauce with prebiotics and amino acids for topping any dog or cat food).

Pleased to gain entry to one of the largest markets in the world for companion animal products, Arie Halpern, CEO of Tonisity, said the customs approval to import will allow them to accelerate selling these products into the Chinese market soon. 

“These novel products have proven technology that improves the health and well-being of cats and dogs," said Halpern. "We are pleased to have achieved this important milestone and will continue to work tirelessly with our joint venture partners to increase our sales in China, while working to obtain regulatory permits for the rest of our products."

Singapore scientist develops local strain of pre-, pro- and postbiotic

In Singapore, research scientist Dr. Chia Tet-Fatt, who is a specialist in molecular genetics, has developed a technology where prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics can be turned into supplements and food for people and pets and also for agricultural use.

Called the Miiiome Technology, it has resulted in a vegan capsule called Biomiii Probiotics that contains a mix of prebiotics, postbiotics and six proprietary Lactobacillus strains for human health. It is made by Biomiii Pte Ltd where Chia is a co-founder. 

For pets, Miiiome technology is present in a series of health supplement products from Sirius Pet Biologics Pte Ltd which holds a license from Biomiii. Sirius manufactures FURMENT, a line of functional postbiotics supplements and topical solutions that promote healthy gut microbiome and healthy skin microbiome for pets. 

But perhaps the most accessible form of Miiiome can be found in the food products of Barkery Singapore. Using social media, Barkery Singapore has reached out to its customers with photos of dishes and treats for dogs that are enriched with Miiiome supplements. The business owner said the Miiiome technology allows them to add probiotics to any dog food that results in up to 22 times more omega-3 retention and 25% more mono-unsaturated fat.

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