Neo Bites dog food toppers

Neo Bites Dog Food Topper

Neo Bites line of dog food toppers are hypoallergenic, made from whole food superfoods and insect protein. Neo Bites lineup includes three formulations, each designed to address a specific functional need:

  • Health Aid Topper: Nutrient-dense topper designed to promote everyday vitality. Made with Super-Insect Blend, kale, oats, turmeric and kelp.
  • Digestive Aid Topper: Nutrient-dense and gentle to support gut health. Made with Super-Insect-Blend, ginger, pumpkin, apple and oats. 
  • Skin & Coat Aid Topper: For thick and shiny coat, itch relief and healthy skin. Made with Super-Insect-Blend, flaxseed and peanut. 
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