Weber GHS Labeling Software

Company Overview

Weber Packaging Solutions has teamed with Matrix Systems & Solutions to deliver Weber GHS Labeling Software, a powerful, user-friendly label design tool, combined with an enterprise class database that creates one package to meet a company’s GHS labeling needs. Whether customers are using one PC or an entire network of computers in multiple locations, this system can keep labeling operations organized, compliant and running smoothly.

By having all the data embedded in one SQL database, fewer label formats are needed. Information for all products, hazard statements and pictograms are located in one place and are easier to maintain. This allows printing of GHS labels and SDS papers from one source. The Weber GHS Labeling Software has a tight audit trail, and all user activities are date and time stamped for accountability. Available in multiple languages and with various levels of administrative access, this software makes it simple to add an enterprise-wide GHS labeling system to large-scale operations.

Featuring intelligent design capabilities, the Weber GHS Labeling Software has built-in wizards that walk the label creator through the hazard category selection and correct completion of every associated statement. With warning messages and pop-ups, it also enforces the GHS rules for signal words, pictograms and other requirements, making sure that labels meet all the necessary mandates for a particular product.

 As an additional help, Weber is offering a free label audit/analysis of a company’s GHS labeling system. Many companies think they are in compliance but are deficient in some areas that could lead to potential future problems. Weber GHS Labeling Software can help eliminate multiple GHS labeling systems and combines all GHS functions into one all-inclusive source. 

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