Mocon Inc. Permatran-W Model 3/34 G testing system


Mocon Inc. offers a fully automated water vapor transmission rate\n(WVTR) testing system for packaging and other barrier structures, the PERMATRAN-W\nModel 3/34 G. The\nWVTR testing capability will save time and associated costs for\nfood, pharma, beverage, medical device and electronics companies, as well as\nmanufacturers of construction products whose objective is to select and qualify\noptimum barrier materials, according to the company. The Permatran-W Model 3/34 G is also ideal for converters and resin\nproducers who want to test film materials as well as finished packages. In\nautomatic mode, The Model 3/34 allows the operator to mount\na test film, set the temperature/relative humidity conditions and begin the\ntest. This is made possible by Mocon’s TotalCal capability, which improves accuracy and eliminates significant set up\ntime. TotalCal also reduces time and improves accuracy in the “advanced testing\nmode

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