Flexicon Corp. bulk bag lifting frame with adjustable arms

Flexicon Bulk Bag Lift Cradle Small

Flexicon Corporation’s bag lifting frame has telescoping arms that accommodate bulk bags produced in an increasing range of sizes. The lifting frame is optional on all BFC models of Flexicon's bulk-out discharger line, and available for up to 2.2 ton (2 tonne) capacities to replace conventional lifting frames of any make or model of discharger that employs a hoist to position and suspend bulk bags.

The telescoping arms can be adjusted using clevis pins and safety clips to a range of settings to accommodate bulk bags from 32 to 47 inches (81 to 119 cm) square at the upper sew seam. This adjustability also allows the lifting frame to work safely with rectangular bags.

Available in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings or stainless steel to industrial or sanitary standards, the adjustable frames are equipped as standard with Flexicon’s patented Z-CLIP strap channels that hold the straps securely while allowing rapid insertion and removal.

Other dischargers offered by the company include BFF models with a lifting frame for forklift loading of bulk bags, low-profile BFH half frame models that require a forklift or plant hoist to suspend the bag during unloading, and BFX split frame unloaders that allow loading of the upper frame on the plant floor, and then forklifting it onto the sub frame within several inches/centimeters of the ceiling. 

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