Schenck Process offers the hygienic bag dump station for manually emptying bulk solid materials. The station is offered in both filtered and non-filtered styles.

All models of the hygienic bag dump station include the following features:

  • Interior and exterior finishes to meet 3-A sanitary requirements
  • Ferrules mounted for use with clean-in-place(CIP) skid
  • Large openings enable a sanitary method for internal CIP cleaning
  • Removable internal bag rest
  • Diaphragm bodies are all stainless steel
  • Bag cages: 304 stainless steel
  • Bags: 16 oz. singed polyester, side removal (meets 3-A requirements)
  • Flanged exhaust
  • 7 gauge stainless steel housing and hopper
  • Hinged door with gas springs
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