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Potato, oat, wheat advised for mid-size, adult dog kibble

After extrusion processing, certain carbohydrate sources may be more fermentable by the gut bacteria of adult dogs than others.
Food meant for medium-size breed dogs six months and older should be made with more potato, oat and wheat flours rather than other sources, said scientists.
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Conflicts of interest may harm trust in pet food science

Although most published research didn’t mention any conflicts of interest, many of those studies did receive funds from pet food manufacturers.
Since the researchers didn’t explicitly state that their funding sources could have influenced their results, yet their funding came from pet food companies, people could see that as an omission.
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Dogs and cats readily accept insect-based protein and oil

Dogs readily accepted the kibble with black soldier fly meal at up to 20% inclusion and with insect-based oil at up to 5%.
In feeding trials with both dogs and cats, pet foods made with insect-based ingredients had similar palatability and digestibility to kibble containing conventional pet food protein and oil sources.
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Fungi and toxins found in veterinary dog, cat foods

Scientists at the Polish Academy of Sciences did not find these mycotoxins at levels above those allowed by European Union regulations.
Veterinary dog and cat foods may contain toxins left by fungi that infected the grain used to make the products, as well as the fungi itself.
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Pet owners most want plant-based diet nutrition info

20 million vegan, vegetarian pet owners may live in U.S. Fifty-eight vegans and one vegetarian were the only survey participants who fed their pets plant-based diets.
Scientists asked pet owners about their own dietary preferences and their beliefs and behaviors about plant-based dog and cat foods.
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Dogs prefer grain-free over ancient grain carb sources

On the manufacturing end, ancient grain carb sources also behaved differently in extruders than grain-free dog food formulations.
Grain-free dog foods beat ancient grains in a palatability study, but that doesn’t mean ancient grains like sorghum and millet don’t have a role in pet food formulations.
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