Karen Wedekind, PhD

Wedekind is a nutritionist/researcher/manager at Novus International Inc., a provider of animal nutrition solutions.



Avoiding mineral excesses for optimal pet nutrition

Petfood formulations should aim for balanced diets without nutrient excesses, especially with the advancing age of pets in many markets
Many petfood companies stress the importance of meat-first formulations. The implication to consumers is that these diets are better for their pets. However, meat-first diets may result in overages for a number of nutrients, especially protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus.
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Optimal pet nutrition: the ideal protein concept

Studies in geriatric pets show the importance of balancing the diet and avoiding nutrient excesses
In light of the advancing age of the pet population, optimal nutrition should aim to decrease the risks for these diseases and other age-related problems such as obesity, bone loss and lean muscle mass loss. Recent research in geriatric cats has demonstrated that by formulating to an optimal lysine:calorie ratio as well as to an ideal protein content, dietary protein could be lowered without causing lean muscle mass loss.
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