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black soldier fly larvae

BSF protein an ‘easy swap’ for other proteins in dog food

Enterra palatability, digestibility and maintenance trials show black soldier fly-based diet performed well and provided all of the necessary nutrients to maintain dog health
With alternative proteins increasing in popularity in human foods, they are also gaining interest from consumers of pet food, and black soldier fly (BSF)-based ingredients are among the most popular.
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Focus on health, wellness influencing pet food spending

David Sprinkle of Packaged Facts tells audience at Petfood Forum that COVID-19 accelerated pet food purchasing trends

While the COVID-19 pandemic has not sparked new trends in pet ownership and product purchases, it accelerated trends that were already in place, according to David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts.

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4 ways pet food companies can foster innovation

Former Google executive Steve Lerch explains how to encourage employees to come forward with their new ideas at Petfood Essentials

Speaking at Petfood Essentials, former Google executive Steve Lerch explains the four principles companies must follow to encourage employees to voice their ideas.

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Good consumer marketing is like dating

Companies should get to know their customers personally and understand their needs while delighting them
Good consumer marketing is a lot like dating, according to Michael Johnson, CEO of brand strategy firm Finn Cady, who spoke at Petfood Forum 2021.
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Key aspects of FSMA for pet food facilities

Know what should be included in your company’s recall plan, as well as other requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) established a lot of rules and regulations for pet food manufacturers, but some requirements remain vague.
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Business woman has a marketing breakthrough

How can science, marketing co-exist in pet food?

Panelists at Petfood Forum discuss what is driving pet food product development
Can science and marketing both win in the pet food industry? Five industry experts tackled this topic during the panel discussion, “Science vs. marketing: What’s driving pet food product development?” during Petfood Forum 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri, last week.
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