Tim Wall

Tim Wall covers the dog, cat and other pet food industries as senior reporter for WATT Global Media. His work has appeared in Live Science, Discovery News, Scientific American, Honduras Weekly, Global Journalist and other outlets. He holds a journalism master's degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a bachelor's degree in biology.

Wall served in the Peace Corps in Honduras from 2005 to 2007, where he coordinated with the town government of Moroceli to organize a municipal trash collection system, taught environmental science, translated for medical brigades and facilitated sustainable agriculture, along with other projects.

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Top 5 pet food companies’ revenues grew during 2016

Since the last update of the Top Pet Food Companies database, the top five pet food companies faced legal challenges but still increased annual revenues.
Mars and Purina dominated the Top Pet Food Companies database, updated for 2017. Blue Buffalo entered the global top five for the first time.
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How to market pet food in Mexico and Brazil

Mexican and Brazilian pet owners tend to look for similar phrases on pet food packaging.
The similarity between Mexican and Brazilian pet owners may indicate that comparable pet food trends run throughout the Latin American pet food market.
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Pet food labels: Made in the USA

Made in the USA pet food creates challenges for pet food formulators and ingredient procurers.
Labeling a pet food or treat as “Made in the USA” can enhance consumers’ trust in that product and help those dog and cat foods stand out to buyers.
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4 trends in the Mexican pet food market

A pet food industry analyst believes the Mexican pet food market still has plenty of room to grow.
Specific trends drive demand for dog and cat food in the Mexican pet food market, said Ivan Franco of Triplethree International.
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