J.M. Smucker closing some Ainsworth Pet Nutrition offices

In April, the J. M. Smucker Company signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, LLC for approximately US$1.7 billion.

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Photo by Jelly Dude, FOTER

The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition offices in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, USA will be closed by J.M. Smucker, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Layoffs will begin on August 31, continuing into 2019. Eventually 54 employees will be out of work. Smucker acquired Ainsworth earlier in 2018. Sewickley is located 12 miles to the northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In April, the J. M. Smucker Company signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, LLC for approximately US$1.7 billion.

About Ainsworth Pet Nutrition and effects of acquisition

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition employed a diverse strategy to grow from a regional, value-based manufacturer to a national presence, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database. Ainsworth's partnership with Rachael Ray brought celebrity appeal, a string of acquisitions amassed market share, and ongoing private label development supports its bottom line. The privately owned company, founded in 1933 as Dad's Pet Care, has virtually doubled its sales in the last decade. Rachael Ray's Nutrish brand accounts for about two-thirds to three-quarters of company revenue, which is dominated by products for dogs. Ainsworth also produces Wal-Mart's Pure Balance brand.

Ainsworth is headquartered in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA. In addition to its headquarters, the Smucker acquisition includes two manufacturing facilities owned by Ainsworth, which are located in Meadville, Pennsylvania and Frontenac, Kansas, USA, along with a leased distribution facility in Greenville, Pennsylvania. Smucker anticipates that more than 700 Ainsworth employees will join Smucker in conjunction with the transaction. 

Ainsworth also sells pet food and pet snacks under several additional branded and private label trademarks. Ainsworth operates two additional manufacturing facilities that are primarily used to provide contract manufacturing services to third-party pet food distributors. Those facilities and the associated business are not included in this transaction.

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