Iván Franco

Iván Franco is the founder of Triplethree International and has collaborated on hundreds of research projects for several consumer goods industries. He was granted the Global Consultant of the Year award by Euromonitor International and authored the book 17 Market Strategies for Growth (in Spanish).


Mexico on the verge of becoming a pet food exporter

In a country where pet food imports have historically outnumbered exports, this reflects a shift in the domestic market.
Mexican pet food imports have historically outnumbered exports in terms of metric tonnage, but this is changing as Mexico’s pet food industry evolves.
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How DogHero is disrupting the pet care industry

The Latin American dog sitting platform connects dog owners with sitters to feed, care for their pets while away
The online Brazilian startup DogHero connects dog owners with dog sitters in Latin America to make traveling away from pets easier and cheaper for owners.
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Mexican pet food innovation opportunity: Neutered pets

Few Latin American pet food companies have developed products catered to neutered or spayed pets, leaving room for new product development
In a region with a large number of uncontrolled pet births, Latin American pet food companies have opportunity to develop formulas catering to sterile pets.
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New pet food opportunities in Latin America

A pet food seminar organized by Argentinian-based company Ensol highlighted the pet humanization trend and openings for manufacturers in Latin America.
Argentinian-based company Ensol and its pet food division hosted a seminar highlighting how the pet humanization trend is furthering the Latin American pet food market.
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