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Hardy Process Solutions presents its Integrated Panel Solutions (IPS), a product that simplifies the installation process by delivering weighing instrumentation preinstalled into a variety of enclosures, complete with wiring, waterproof glands, and full testing. Customers benefit by receiving an out-of-the-box solution and avoid coordinating between third-party component suppliers and panel shops to create a product that is ready to install.

Manufactured in the USA in a UL508A-certified panel shop in type 4 or 4X enclosures, IPS accommodate weighing instrumentation and peripherals including buttons, switches, relays and summing cards. IPS are delivered in a variety of materials, shapes and types with technically advanced weighing instruments, complete with a wide range of interface options for automation and process control systems. With features such as push buttons, switches, relays and tower lights built in, IPS are easy to integrate into complex industrial manufacturing operations.

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