Hardy Process Solutions Hardy HI 6200 Weight Processor with C2 electronic calibration and WAVERSAVER


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Hardy Process Solutions
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Hardy Process Solutions presents two features in the Hardy HI 6200 Weight Processor: the C2 electronic calibration and the WAVERSAVER. 

The Hardy C2 electronic calibration feature provided quick and easy calibration of the weighing system without the need for test weights. By storing each load cell’s calibration curve inside a chip, it can be C2 calibrated, and proper scale installation verified. The result is a calibration that is easier, quicker, safer, and typically more accurate. 

Hardy's WAVERSAVER core technology eliminates the effects that vibration from the grinder has on the scale weight signal, providing only true data for fast, accurate weight readings.  

Ultra-compact at just 2 inches wide and 3 inches high (40 sq. cm), the HI 6200 features a high definition, color touch screen display that makes it easy to use in the field.  

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