Hardy Process Solutions HI8100IS, HI8200IS weighting instruments

Hardy-Process-Solutions-HI8100IS, -HI8200IS-weighting-instruments

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Hardy Process Solutions
United States

The HI 8100IS and the HI8200IS from Hardy Process Solutions are high-performance weighing instruments designed to operate in all Classes, Divisions and Groups in accordance with U.S. UL and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and with CAN Standards. 

Both instruments feature two available power options: AC line power for permanent installation in the hazardous area; or high-performance external rechargeable battery packs that are easy to switch out  for recharging in the safe area. For continuous battery power, maintaining multiple batteries allows for fast swapping in/out.  Both instruments have optional serial communication interface delivered over two Fiber Optic ports to bring data out to a Safe Area or to daisy chain the instruments to an optional Remote Display.

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