Charles Ross & Son Company tilted double planetary mixer

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Phone: 1.631.234.0500


Charles Ross & Son Company
710 Old Willets Path
PO Box 12308
Hauppauge NY 11788
United States

Tilted double planetary mixers from Charles Ross & Son Company have a slightly tilted configuration for more effective discharge of flowable products such as pastes and gels, granulations and free-flowing dried powder blends. The mixer package includes a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump with sealed water reservoir, air-to-air heat exchanger, built-in shell and tube condenser, and a hot oil temperature control unit. Pictured is a 15-gallon double planetary mixer designed to operate at approximately a 5-degree top forward tilt, with an air/oil hydraulic lift to raise/lower the stirrers into the removable, vacuum-rated mix can.

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