Charles Ross & Son Company double planetary mixer with finger blades

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Phone: 1.631.234.0500


Charles Ross & Son Company
710 Old Willets Path
PO Box 12308
Hauppauge NY 11788
United States

Charles Ross & Son Company offers a new agitator blade design for the company's line of double planetary mixers. Designed to rotate on their own axes while orbiting the vessel on a common axis, these style blades are ideal for batching dry powder blends, wet granulations and similar formulations in the double planetary mixer, according to the company. Interchangeable helical blades are available as options and allow the mixer to be utilized for viscous pastes and putty-like materials. Maintenance and risk of product contamination are very low in a double planetary mixer as there are no shaft seals, bearings, packing glands and stuffing boxes submerged in the product zone. Available in both industrial and sanitary configurations, the mixer is built from half-pint to 750-gallon capacities. 

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