Key Technology Iso-Flo vibratory conveyor

Key Technology Iso Flo Vibratory Conveyor

The Key Technology Iso-Flo vibratory conveyor features a frame made of a single structural member, making it ideal for a wide range of food processing and packaging applications. The monobeam architecture can be used on distribution shakers with side discharges as well as transfer shakers, collection shakers, feed shakers and inspection shakers. With the frame and spring arms located under the conveyor bed rather than on both sides, monobeam inspection shakers enable laborers to get closer to the bed for improved product visibility and ergonomics.

The monobeam conveyor’s frame and spring arms can be tucked completely under the conveyor bed. The narrow frame offers less than half the surface area of other Iso-Flo frames, fewer parts to clean and better access to the conveyor bed. The single beam design eases the sanitation routine and enhances equipment hygiene to reduce the risk of product contamination and maintain food safety.

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