Key Technology Auto Diverter for Vibratory Conveyors

Key Technology Auto Diverter

The Key Technology Auto Diverter is for its Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors. Ideal for bulk product and packaging distribution lines, the Auto Diverter splits the product flow to two downstream systems, such as digital sorters or packaging machines, and changes the proportion of product going to each of the two lanes as needed. This patented Auto Diverter features a stronger diverter blade, an improved pneumatic hold-down system and more to achieve longer equipment life and greater accuracy for better performance of downstream systems.

Suitable for dry, frozen and wet applications, the Auto Diverter can handle virtually any free-flowing food product including fruits and vegetables such as cut and whole potatoes and cut and whole corn, as well as nuts, candies, snacks and more. Available for beds up to 1830mm (72 inches) wide, it can be equipped with a blade up to 1200mm (47 inches) long.

The redesigned Auto Diverter features a stronger, thicker diverter blade for better product handling and equipment longevity. Now bolted, instead of welded, the blade can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The new pneumatic hold-down system anchors the blade to the surface of the bed to withstand a greater amount of product force without shifting from its programmed position. For better product control, each diverter is customized to guide product away from bed corners and features a blade that matches the product depth.

To accurately divide the product stream, the Auto Diverter’s pneumatic actuator moves the blade precisely into each position needed. Using only the controls and no manual adjustments, an operator can split the two product outfeeds and implement quick and easy adjustments including blocking an entire lane for maintenance of downstream equipment. Featuring fully-integrated and optimized controls, the Auto Diverter can be operated locally at the user interface. Additionally, it can be programmed to be controlled via a plant-wide network and/or automatically controlled by downstream equipment.

Designed to maximize sanitation, the Auto Diverter features scalloped welds throughout its stainless-steel frame and blade. The actuator is positioned underneath the conveyor bed to help maintain food safety. Compared to traditional diverters, where an operator must manually reach over the shaker bed to reposition the blade, the Auto Diverter improves operator safety and ergonomics while reducing the risk of foreign material introduction to the product stream.

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