Key Technology VERYX Digital Sorters

Key Technology Veryx Digital Sorter

VERYX, which integrates seamlessly with Key’s material handling systems, finds and removes foreign material (FM) and products with defects to improve product quality, eliminate the chance of cross-contamination and protect brands, all while minimizing labor. 

VERYX can be configured to sort a wide range of pet foods. When installed at the end of the line, it helps ensure final product quality for kibble, chews and treats including dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried products. When installed upstream near raw receiving, it inspects ingredients such as frozen proteins and other ingredients for wet pet foods. By detecting the color, size, shape and/or structural properties of every object, VERYX removes plastics, glass, paper and other FM, as well as product defects, as defined by each pet food processor.

Key equips every VERYX with their Discovery suite of software capabilities, which enables the sorter to collect, analyze and share data while continuing to sort product. By harnessing data about the sort process and about every object flowing through the sorter, Discovery can reveal patterns and trends that improve sorting and control upstream and downstream processes. The information that Discovery provides allows processors to better manage incoming raw materials and optimize processes, achieving the next level in operational efficiency.

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