Verdad N8 and N9 vinegar solutions

  • Corbion Purac Verdad N8 and N9 vinegar solutions inhibit Listeria growth and extend the shelf life of fresh and ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, naturally.
  • Both Verdad N8 and Verdad N9 can be labeled simply as "vinegar" and are produced by the fermentation of corn sugar with specifically selected food cultures.
  • Verdad products are able to extend color stability and shelf life of fresh meat and poultry for multiple days.
  • Additional benefits are enhanced juiciness and flavor profile.Vinegar is a rich source of acetic acid and a well-known inhibitor of microbes and pathogens.
  • In ready-to-eat meats, Verdad vinegars can be used to enhance safety by inhibiting the growth of Listeria for over 100 days.
  • Verdad Vinegars also inhibit a wide range of spoilage organisms, increasing shelf life in fresh meat. In fresh meat and poultry, shelf life can be doubled.
  • Verdad N8 offers the balanced flavor that is often required in taste-sensitive products, while Verdad N9 is free of sodium and therefore ideal for products with a healthy positioning.
  • Verdad N9 is also the lowest use level liquid vinegar available on the market, making it a cost-effective solution for a variety of meat applications.
  • Both solutions will allow poultry and meat processors to offer clean labels and improve product quality, satisfying consumer demand for simpler ingredient statements.
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