Fetch For Pets! PEEPS baked treats

Company Overview

Fetch For Pets! and PEEPS have partnered to bring new PEEPS baked treats to the pet market just in time for Easter. The bunny shaped treats come in packs of six, both carob iced and non-iced with assorted Spring colors including pink, yellow, blue and purple.

In 2014, Fetch for pets partnered with Just Born Quality Confections, the makers of PEEPS, to extend the fun-filled candy brand to animal lovers and their pets everywhere. Fetch for pets develop PEEPS branded cat and dog toys that are fun and safe for pets. These pet toys include PEEPS Chick and Bunny Catnip toys, PEEPS Chick and Bunny Dog Rope toys and PEEPS Chick and Bunny shaped vinyl squeaky toys.

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