Tiki Pets Tiki Cat Broths and Stix

Tiki Pets presents the Tiki Cat Broths and the Tiki Cat Stix gourmet whole foods for cats. 

Tiki Cat Broths hydrate cats with a grain-free, savory broth with bits of natural meat in stock. The broths are free of vegetables, added salt, by-products, fillers and artificial colors and flavors, making them a fresh alternative for cats. Flavors include chicken, tuna, duck and chicken, beef, salmon and a variety pack.

The popular Tiki Cat Stix are single-serve wet treats that offer cats a creamy indulgence with delicious taste and a high protein content. The well-received treat line is adding four new flavors for cats to enjoy. Flavors now include duck mousse, salmon mousse, chicken and shrimp mousse, and tuna and scallops mousse.

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