The Honest Kitchen Kindly dog mix

The Honest Kitchen Kindly dog mix is a base-mix recipe intended to be combined with protein to form complete meals. Kindly is all-natural and made with\nvegetables like carrots, alfalfa, peas, celery and chard, plus flaxseed which contributes to its\nOmega 3 Essential Fatty Acid content.", "Kindly should be combined with meat or fish, at\na ratio of 1:1 to 2:1 mix to protein. If using lean sources of meat, like\nskinless chicken or turkey, The Honest Kitchen also suggests incorporating an\nadditional fat source, such as fish oil. Other foods like eggs and plain yogurt\ncan also be added, for variety. Kindly will retail for $54.99 for a 7-lb. box, which\nyields 33 lbs. of base mix, and $28.99 for a 3-lb. box, which yields 12 lbs. of\nbase mix when hydrated. The product is available at independent pet\nspecialty retailers and via the company’s website.

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