Dynamic Conveyor Corporation Eriez Xtreme metal detectors


Dynamic Conveyor offers the Eriez Xtreme metal detector option for its DynaClean food grade conveyors. The metal detector includes enhanced\nfeatures, greater sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability. The easy-to-clean food processing conveyor\ncombined with the ultra-sleek metal detector blends simplicity and\nsophistication, according to the company. Highlights include a full QWERTY keyboard, robust\nauto set-up, dedicated reject log and vivid display. The metal detector offers superior\nsensitivity with its multiple frequency range and vibration immunity. An integrated beacon and configurable inputs\nand outputs enable easy installation.\nMultiple metal detector conveyors can be remotely monitored and\ncontrolled from a single PC, enabling users to monitor, analyze and update each\nsystem as if they were standing at each machine.", "The patent-pending design of the DynaClean\nfood conveyors offers an open design with no place for anything to hide and\nis very easy to clean. It was designed to be taken apart without\ntools and has greatly reduced the downtime needed for cleaning in food\nproduction facilities. The DynaClean was designed to be maintenance-free and gives\nsimple access for cleaning and sanitizing within minutes. The metal detector offers easy installation\nand trouble-free maintenance.  ", "\"Our goal is to provide our customers with\nhigh quality, easy to clean equipment that saves them money,\" said Jill Batka, president of Dynamic Conveyor Corporation. \"The integration of the Eriez Xtreme metal\ndetector with the DynaClean conveyor does that well. It’s user-friendly interface compliments the\nsimple design of the DynaClean conveyor systems.

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