Dynamic Conveyor Corp. ThermoDrive solid surface synchronized sidewall belting

Dynamic Conveyor Corp Thermo Drive

 Dynamic Conveyor Corporation offers ThermoDrive solid surface synchronized sidewall belting on its DynaClean conveyor line. Using synchronized sidewalls on a DynaClean conveyor offers improved control and containment of small or fragile food products. Synchronized sidewalls are hermetically sealed to the ThermoDrive belt, which reduces product damage that can be caused by static sidewalls. By reducing the gap between the sidewalls and flights to 5 mm, the belt also minimizes product fallback, thus increasing product quality. The DynaClean conveyor line offers the option for plastic link style and ThermoDrive solid surface belting. In addition to the synchronized sidewalls, ThermoDrive styles include traditional flat top, nub top and 90-degree, 75-degree and scoop drive flights. The thermoplastic solid surface belt is an innovative, patented technology that is the first to combine the best features of modular plastic link style and traditional flat belts. ThermoDrive solid surface belts are homogeneous thermoplastic with 100% closed surfaces, making them well suited for hygienic food-processing applications. Unlike traditional flat belts, these belts drive on sprockets like a modular plastic belt and are not under tension, enabling easy lifting for food conveyor cleaning and solving nearly all traditional flat belt problems. ThermoDrive belts are ideal for specific food conveyor applications where a 100% closed surface is required. DynaClean conveyor applications that require extremely high sanitation or frequent cleaning benefit from ThermoDrive technology. 

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