Dynamic Conveyor Corporation DynaClean Conveyor

Dyna Clean Conveyor Small

The DynaClean line of food conveyors manufactured by Dynamic Conveyor Corporation of Muskegon, Michigan is engineered to fulfill the need for custom food grade conveyors that are quick and easy to clean. DynaClean food processing conveyors can now be driven by Van Der Graafโ€™s stainless steel continuous profile drum motor.

The Van Der Graaf drum motor features an all stainless steel profile, which is used to drive the belt on the DynaClean conveyor without the need for sprockets. Utilizing a drum motor allows customers the ability to clean and sanitize to an optimal level in less than half the time it takes to clean a typical geared motor or conventional exposed drive. Drum motors eliminate the opportunity for food byproducts to get trapped in the areas between the sprockets, decreasing the potential for bacterial contamination.

The continuous profile drum motors pair with the DynaClean conveyors, which offer a patented design that is simple, quick and easy to disassemble and clean. There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose and no nooks and crannies to clean. The DynaClean conveyor is an open design with no place for food or bacteria to hide and is much easier to clean than traditional food processing conveyors. 

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