Ross Ribbon Blenders

Engineered for high-productivity 24/7 operation, Ross Ribbon Blenders are manufactured in standard and sanitary designs with customizable features for increased reliability of solid-solid and solid-liquid blending operations. Available from ½ to 1,000 cu.ft. capacities, Ross Ribbon Blenders accomplish a number of processing objectives – from dry powder blending, mixing solids of different shapes and sizes, coating particles with minor liquids, paste mixing, preparing solid-liquid suspensions, and vacuum drying.

Pictured is a new Ross Model 42N-80S Ribbon Blender with a maximum working capacity of 80 cu.ft. and 150-grit stainless steel 316 product contact parts. The dust-tight blender cover includes multiple custom ports and a bag dumping station with safety grating. Driven by a high-efficiency 50HP gearmotor, the double ribbon agitator turns at variable speeds up to 28 rpm (max tip speed of approximately 280 fpm). Due to their direct drive design, Ross Ribbon Blenders do not suffer from belt slippage, stretching and wear – issues frequently encountered in lower quality blenders.

During the blending cycle, precise liquid additions are delivered via spray bars with fan-type spray nozzles. In addition, spray balls are installed on the cover for convenient cleaning of the blender’s interior in between batches.

 Other customizations such as heating/cooling jacket, end wall scrapers, interchangeable paddle agitator, vacuum capability, abrasion-resistant wetted parts, all stainless steel construction, load cell weighing system and PLC-based recipe controls are offered as well. 

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