ROSS vertical blender/dryers

Ross Vertical Blender Dryer

. Materials carried to the top of batch then cascade slowly back down into regions opposite the moving auger screw. The constant exchange of materials between the heated sidewalls and center of the blender accelerates the drying process.

A common issue in agitated dryers is the risk of product attrition or generation of fines. This concern is well minimized in a Vertical Blender/Dryer because the blending action is thorough but very low impact. During the drying cycle, hot water, oil or steam is recirculated through the vessel jacket. Due to lower processing temperatures made possible by the vacuum environment, there is a reduced risk of creating hot spots on the vessel walls where product could bake.

 Available in many sizes from 1 through 500 cu.ft., Ross Vertical Blender/Dryers do not require a bottom support bearing to keep the screw steady so discharge is virtually 100% complete. This “unsupported screw” design also simplifies cleaning and maintenance. 

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