Insect-based Cat and Dog Food

Insects as novel protein sources in dog and cat food, such as black soldier fly larvae and crickets is gaining acceptance as alternatives to conventional pet food proteins and oil sources. Read the latest about the feasibility of insect-based ingredients, regulatory issues ensuring these ingredients are safe and how to market these products to consumers.



8 health, premium trends in new pet foods: SuperZoo 2021

These eight pet foods or treats represent trends that have guided pet food product development for years and continue to find new expression in SuperZoo 2021’s New Product Showcase.
From the wildfire smoke screening the mountains near Las Vegas to the mask-clad attendees, much has changed since the last in-person SuperZoo. Yet many pet food and treat trends in 2021’s New Product Showcase continue from previous years.
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Don’t ‘oversell’ insect protein sustainability, nutrition

When scientists reviewed what research there is on insect-based ingredients in dog and cat foods, they found only two studies have evaluated how insect-based dog foods effect the nutritional status and health of dogs and none on cats.
More research will help formulators best use insect-based pet food ingredients and understand the ecological repercussions of doing so.
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Insect protein demand in pet food may be 165k tons by 2030

As a pet food ingredient, insect meal can serve as an alternative protein source for dogs and cats with allergies or sensitivities.

The pet food market currently accounts for the largest share of demand for insect protein and is likely to remain one of the largest, one industry professional said.

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Insect-based pet foods not risk for zoonotic pandemic

A team of researchers at Ÿnsect has been working to assess potential risks from mealworm farming operations.

Approximately 60% of infections afflicting humans arose in animals, from rabies and the plague to other coronaviruses. Post-pandemic, pet food companies may look for ingredients with reduced zoonotic potential.

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Emerging protein sources in pet food

Insect proteins, single-cell proteins, microalgae and pulse proteins will expand our options in the future.
Insect proteins, single-cell proteins, microalgae and pulse proteins will expand pet food's options as alternative proteins gain ground.
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