Insect-based Cat and Dog Food

Insects as novel protein sources in dog and cat food, such as black soldier fly larvae and crickets is gaining acceptance as alternatives to conventional pet food proteins and oil sources. Read the latest about the feasibility of insect-based ingredients, regulatory issues ensuring these ingredients are safe and how to market these products to consumers.



Insect age influences pet food ingredient qualities

Insect farmers may choose to harvest at a particular age or larval stage depending on the product they want to sell.
Insect-based pet food formulators may derive different nutrient profiles from a particular species by harvesting the insects at different stages of development.
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BVA urges pet owners to move to insect-based food

More insects, fewer traditional proteins in pet food could be the future for the UK’s cats and dogs
In the ongoing battle against climate change and with environmental concerns becoming greater, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has urged the public to consider insect-based pet food for their cats and dogs.
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Insect protein industry to be worth $1.3 billion by 2025

A new market research report notes that the growth is driven by several factors, such as the shift in consumer preference.
The market is driven by factors such as the shift in consumer preference from animal protein to alternative protein such as insect protein due to the increased concerns over future sustainability, and the increased public and private support for new insect protein development projects in both developed and developing economies.
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Dogs and cats readily accept insect-based protein and oil

Dogs readily accepted the kibble with black soldier fly meal at up to 20% inclusion and with insect-based oil at up to 5%.
In feeding trials with both dogs and cats, pet foods made with insect-based ingredients had similar palatability and digestibility to kibble containing conventional pet food protein and oil sources.
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11 pet food sustainability articles as of Earth Day 2019

As of April 22, 2019, these eleven Petfood Industry news articles, blogs, features and press releases have covered topics related to environmental and social sustainability.
Subjects ranged from the environmental effects of novel pet food ingredients to recyclable pet food packaging.
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