Insect-based Cat and Dog Food

Insects as novel protein sources in dog and cat food, such as black soldier fly larvae and crickets is gaining acceptance as alternatives to conventional pet food proteins and oil sources. Read the latest about the feasibility of insect-based ingredients, regulatory issues ensuring these ingredients are safe and how to market these products to consumers.



New pet food product trends winter 2021: insects, health

The products in this list were posted to PetfoodIndustry’s Product Database in the final quarter of last year.

Several new dog treats and toppers used insect-based ingredients. More refrigerated or frozen fresh pet foods entered the market, including one from the world’s largest pet food company.

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European pet food news 2021: ethics, insects, growth

Although the rate of increase declined, many of the same factors fueled sales of dog, cat and other pet food and treats in Europe as the pandemic continued into its second year.

European pet owners preferred that their animals’ foods included assurances that the products had been produced in ways that minimized ecological and social problems. Pet food and treats making these claims led some of the growth in the European market in 2021. 

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Silkworm may be novel, insect-based pet food ingredient

In Taiwan, an agricultural research station developed a means to use silkworm in cat food. Scientists in Thailand fed dogs a diet containing silkworm, house crickets or a control diet with poultry meal.

Scientists in Thailand and Taiwan have investigated silkworms as a novel pet food ingredient in dog and cat foods.

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black soldier fly larvae

BSF protein an ‘easy swap’ for other proteins in dog food

Enterra palatability, digestibility and maintenance trials show black soldier fly-based diet performed well and provided all of the necessary nutrients to maintain dog health
With alternative proteins increasing in popularity in human foods, they are also gaining interest from consumers of pet food, and black soldier fly (BSF)-based ingredients are among the most popular.
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